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Publications 50th Anniversary Brochure Please click here to download or read the 16 page brochure -oOo- Whether you can remember the FLMAG holiday in Malta or you recall a more recent event, let us share your memories – to help us all relive those occasions. Some of our memories…… Glasgow 2010. After our visit to St. Mungo’s Cathedral, there was a general need for a pit-stop and our guide suggested the toilets on Glasgow Green, which was on our route. With a clear run, we should have got to The Burrell on time but the coach’s exit from the park was blocked by a phalanx of marching Apprentice Boys bands. We had to wait for them to down their drums and light their fags before we could move and then our driver, missed the turn and we eventually arrived at The Burrell half an hour late. HC The Burrell? That reminds me….. We had glorious weather during our trip to Glasgow (unlike the later one to Edinburgh, but that’s another story!) The visit to the Burrell was memorable, partly for the wonderful things we saw there, but also for our excellent guide. She was one of the best museum guides I ever had, and opened my eyes to things that previously I would have walked past without a glance. Especially the Armour. I had always classified Armour as the kind of things that men liked because it was bloodthirsty and warlike, and appealed to their worst instincts. How wrong I was! I never thought that way again after May 2010! She inspired me to look closely, first at how it was made, how the parts fitted together so that the body could still move comfortably (of a certain importance if you are defending your life!) and how the metal shone. Then I looked closely and saw the wonderful decoration on the best armour – how it was engraved with wonderful figures and shapes, not only the work of brilliant technicians and craftsmen, but also of artists. I have always remembered that, and valued not just armour, but other objects made with such consummate skill, which otherwise I might have walked past. MW Normandy 2018. The skate-boarders of Les Andelys were preparing for suicide races down the hill leading to Chateau Gaillard and cars were being stopped but Joel, our driver, persuaded them to let the coach up. Thanks to the fine weather, the skate-boarders and Joel, we had a spectacular view of the Chateau lit by the morning sun, and of the Seine. HC While we were in Normandy, the sun shone all day long. Our hotel was modern and nondescript, out in the countryside near Rouen, and we were initially not too happy to be told that for dinner we must go next door. But when we arrived next door, we found a terrace, with beautiful views over the sunset landscape, and a willing waiter, and glasses of cool, white wine! It was blissful, and we gathered there every evening, often to reluctant to go indoors, to mull over the events of the day and enjoy being in France. MW Please send your memories of FLMAG events.
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